We represent individuals in all types of disputes and cases before District courts in Tamil Nadu and High courts, of Madras, including Madurai (bench) and Delhi and Supreme court of India ,arbitrations, appeals, and administrative proceedings Since the day we were licensed to practice law, we have practiced exclusively in all areas . We especially enjoy helping our clients. We would be proud to help you achieve our client legal needs.
We passionate about law, and committed to providing our clients with effective representation based on their individual needs. We recognize that cases and the prospect of litigation may be extremely stressful, overwhelming, and intimidating. Therefore, we place specific emphasis on being empathetic to each client’s particular situation and carefully guiding each client through the legal process.
We have over Twelve years of experience representing cases in various areas and we have practiced law exclusively since from 2007. We will lay out your legal options clearly and honestly, and use our years of experience to help you navigate through difficult times.
Chief Advocates :
Advocate P Chandran M.A, M.L, PGDPM
Advocate A P DIVYA M.A, M.L, ACS


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